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Originally Posted by alelog View Post
Thanks for the advice, guys!

2_i, I was fully bought into your logic (and the preference for Cyo R) but my wife is derailing my decision-making. :-) Looking at the photos on the AR test (http://www.nabendynamo.de/service/pdf/ar_11-12_2008.pdf), it appears that the Cyo R light reaches to about 12m. If I'm going 20mph, which is ~9m/s, this gives me less than 2 seconds to react, which could be a little low. I suspect that the Cyo R light reaches further, though. Could you give me a rough idea of the distance at which you can identify obstacles well?

gomadtroll, I'm curious if the area 1-4m in front is really dark with the IQ Fly or simply less bright. If I see a pothole in the hotspot earlier, can I still follow it with my eyes when it's just in front, or does it simply disappear in the dark? I'd keep the light on the fork crown (with 26" wheels on my LHT--that's what you got it, isn't it?), so this should help a bit. BTW, two E3s sound like a great option but sadly price is an object. :-)

My wife is on my case to get the Cyo (non-R version), so I want to do due diligence in my research. If I make my own decision for a change (we give each other a great deal of unsolicited advice), I'd love not to hear "You should have gotten the brighter one!". :-)


I own the Cyo Sport (60 Lux).

I actually bought an Ixon IQ (same reflector, same company, battery version, 40 lux). After using my Cyo, I rode an hour home one night on a route that involves some streets, some totally unlit path, etc. I felt that it put out *just* enough light to see by, but not enough to actually feel *comfortable* riding around with. Being used to my Cyo (on my winter bike) I was surprised to find myself running over small item on the road that I couldn't even make out with my light. I definitely did not feel that 40 lux was putting enough light on the road, and being that they use the same reflector and are rated by the same company (thus it's an accurate comparison) I would highly recommend the 60 lux version over the 40.

And the fact that you're mounting it on the fork crown also makes me mention the same recommendation. I had mine on the handlebars (for a while) and the "less lit up spot" was borderline enough light (in that spot) for dodging stuff on the road. More would be more comfortable, but not "required". But now that it's mounted down by the fork crown it's no longer an issue. It jut means by tire isn't lit up as much, which is certainly a good thing. So again, I would recommend the 60 lux version.

Finally, I would recommend the 60 lux version because it would still be useful if you guess wrong. If you get the 40 lux version and need more range, you'd have to spend $100 and either replace your light or deal with recharging batteries every day (for a high enough powered light) to make up for it. If you get the 60 lux version and don't like the dark spot, you can buy a $30 bike light which lasts for 100 hours on rechargeable batteries to fill in the light gap and only have to change batteries once a week. Heck, I don't know, you might be able to buy a Reellight (you put a magnet on the wheel which powers the light) to fill in the gap. Not sure if they come in non-flashing versions or not.

And if you decided to sell your Cyo right now because you got the wrong version, I think the 60 lux version would be a lot easier to sell. :-)

I would definitely recommend the 60 Lux Cyo. The only other tenable option would be to buy the Edelux at twice as much money - you gotta figure with a little more light, there's got to be a little more light in the spill area. But with your fork mount, I think that if the 60 lux cyo puts enough light on the road for you, the gap won't be a problem. IMO.
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