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Thank you all very much for advice! I've been agonizing for a while but I finally made up my mind. I'll be getting the non-R (Sport) version. The last time I had such a hard time deciding was... well, last night choosing a beer. Decisions are not my strong point. :-)

I was leaning heavily towards the R version but I had a couple of concerns (and my wife's voice): (i) I fear the distraction of the light shining on the fender, the rack, and the road close by and (ii) I fear not having enough light for the faster (and longer) portion of my commute on unlit rural roads. The stronger light should help compete with car lights on a narrow rural road. Chances are that the R version would be just fine, but if it isn't, solving its limitations would be a bit harder than solving those of the non-R version, as Paul Rivers suggested.

I won't hold out for the aluminum-colored finish (thanks for the clarification, Interested). Peter White won't get them until the end of October and I will be riding in complete darkness by then (I refuse to go back to battery lights).

2_i and cupsal, I hope you don't think less of me for going the "easily quantifiable" route. :-) BTW, I found one very opinionated review of the R version. I now feel "wrong" in choosing the non-R version :-) : http://www.cyclebanter.com/showthread.php?t=206492

What I really hope is that B&M will start selling replacement lenses (they do for some taillights and the basic Lumotec light). Wouldn't it be great, if you could buy the other lens, and switch between the two, e.g., for commuting versus touring? (Of course, it may be undesirable to take the light apart, if there is a good weather seal.) Oh, well...

Thanks a lot again for your decision support. :-) I might report on any interesting findings after using the light for a while.
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