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Originally Posted by interested View Post
Just ignore "Andre Jute"'s postings. He posts under many different names in the "rec.bicycles.tech" usenet group. Several people has described him as a "long winded pompous hot air balloon". Probably not a "troll" as such, but more likely a sad case of untreated personality problems (some of his post are rather disturbing in their rage). He is rather clueless about most bicycling related things, and tries to hide that fact behind mountains of "opinionated" words, that always seems to drip of malice and suppressed rage.
Yes, the strongly worded statements seemed like a cry-out for attention. He mentioned some useful points but the presentation is not how one should go about giving advice. :-)

Originally Posted by 2_i View Post
I have actually taken the IQ Cyo partly apart in the past and it was a bit messy, from what I recall. The lens could have been integrated with the reflector. The LED with the radiator slipped inside in my recollection.
I feared that this was the case. Oh, well...

Originally Posted by PaulRivers View Post
Glad to hear my post was useful! :-)
Originally Posted by 2_i View Post
It is your bike and your route and you need to be happy. We'll be waiting for your observations, since we discussed both likely advantages as well as possible disadvantages of the Sport version. Within the dynamo halogen market, the two best lamps, Bisy and Nova, stood above the rest in the beam shape, not brightness.
Yes, thank you all very much for the input! My wheel is likely ready and the light should come in soon. In another couple of weeks, I will be riding home in the dark most evenings. I'll report on my experiences after a couple of weeks of commuting with my new setup. BTW, one of the reasons that I chose an LED light is that I have a mile-long uphill that slows me down to as little as 4 mph for a bit. Most halogen lights require ~5.5 mph for full power. In any case, LEDs seem to be the way of the future. :-)

Cheers and talk to y'all soon!
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