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FSA Mega Exo- two parter

I'm running the Team Issue compact FSA crankset with the mega exo BB setup.
Has anyone else experienced the assembly suddenly comming loose?
I did a metric last saturday and cleaned the bike after the ride (so I can tell you the crank arms were not loose then)
I did a followup ride the next day thru hilly terrain.
Cleaned the bike up (its a ritual with all my bikes)and hung it on the rack.
Used my othr bike untill today.
About 3 miles into the ride my left foot feels like it's wobbling.
After 4 decades of riding tapered cranks and standing on em occasionally, I knew what the feeling was.
The locking bolt on these cranks apparently draws the entire assembly togeather which-if you're riding a carbon fibre bike- is touchy as to how much torque to tighten with.
I removed the bolt and noticed it had no locktite on the threads whatsoever.
Given it's a right hand thread on a left crank arm (which would be prone to loosening one would think)

Is this a common situation with these cranks?
Does anyone know what the torque specs are on the crank bolt (I tried FSAs site with no success in finding assembly specs..although I did find a part number for the cap that supposedly threaded in the left crank arm and covered the bolt)
Has anyone else used permatex blue on the threads?

Second question: While I had the bike down I checked the freewheel of the cranks (no chain on simply spinning them) and noticed the cartridge bearing taper cranks on my Paramount spun 50% free'r than the FSAs on the Motobecane.
Is there a spec for tightening on the outboard bearings??

Yes, I'm probably going to take the bike over to the best of the LBS's in my area (not cheap but very good) but-in case this situation ever rears it's ugly head again, having the specs and knowledge would really help.
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