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I have one of these.
As Operator already alludes, torque specs should be followed religiously, as well as other instructions that FSA provides.
Early versions of this crankset were supplied with alloy crankarm fixing bolts. These should be replaced woth steel ones, and can be ordered from FSA directly.
My crank arm fixing bolts do have a strip of loctite material on them. Not sure that is a big deal or not. Correct torque is what's important. Speaking of loctite material, do check your instructions to see if the Loctite 641 retaining compund is required on the axle splines. This is not a threadlocking compound. I got mine on
Some newer FSA instructions include usage of a wave washer on the left side. These can also be ordered from FSA.
In my case, I have had no issues with anything getting loose. This summer, I replaced the original FSA bearings (after 2-1/2 seasons) with Chris King. All has been well, until last week when the crankset began knocking loudly every revolution. I have not yet had the time to completely diagnose WTH is wrong with this.
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