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Originally Posted by Retro Grouch
There are three basic reasons why people take their bike to a shop for service:
1. They are unsure of how to do the job themselves.
2. They lack the tools to do the job.
3. They just don't want to bother with doing it themselves.
True. But, they are all valid reasons for some people. To some people, it's just worth it to pay someone else to do it. That's the reason there are 15 minute oil change places.

I paid someone to do oil changes in my car, but I do most of my own bike repairs. I'm more comfortable with some things.. somethings I'd rather a professional do.

I guess if I had enough money I'd rather bring it to a bike shop, get it done right in 15 minutes and go riding, rather than spend 3 hours fiddling with it myself and have it start raining. For my current financial situation, this isn't an option.

Hell, I brought my bike in to get a flat fixed once because I had just walked 3 miles in 100 heat and I was just OVER IT. It was worth the $15 just so I could sit in the A/Ced shop, chit chat, cool my temper (and body) and dry off. I walked in and they were like "wow, you look like crap" I was all "Fix my flat. I dont want to even look at my bike right now" and we all laughed.
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