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These look a lot like the austrian-made Auto-Mini and my guess is that they are a rebranded version of that bike, assembled in Canada. If you look closely at the label on the head tube it says "Victoria Precision Works". The Supercycle Traveler is another "Canadian-made" folder and looks nearly identical. The rear hub, crankset, quick releases and stem are the biggest differences I notice from the Auto-Mini. Is the rear hub a Shimano 3-speed or another brand? Auto-Minis generally have Sturmey-Archer AW or Sachs Torpedo (3-speed Dreigang or 2-speed Duomatic) hubs from what I gather. The quick release for the seatpost looks like a Carnielli one that's on an Italian folding bike I have. The one on the stem looks interesting, the Traveler has the same thing but I haven't seen it on anything else. Care to post some more pictures?

I put together a page on the Auto-Mini if anyone is interested in checking it out:
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