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The weight issue is negligible, too. If you want to get wild about it, you can get a dynohub built with a carbon rim.

But, that's not relevant -- what's relevant is the weight of the lighting system. The weight of the dynohub (minus the weight of a regular front hub) and the weight of a typical battery pack seen on most worthwhile lights are basically the same, so, I'd say that the weight question is moot.

Originally Posted by Scummer View Post
Darn it. Just after I purchased a XS plus for me and my wife a few weeks ago.
Yeah, that Toplight XS is what I had in mind to get (after browsing Peter White's and Harris Cyclery's pages), but the guy at the shop while I was in Germany last Christmas pulled a Selectra off the shelf and handed it straight to me. Three LEDs and a bigger reflector trumps one LED.
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