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Originally Posted by BarracksSi View Post
Probably the most complicated part of a generator setup is the wiring installation. But, the time spent doing that -- maybe 15-20 minutes, not in a hurry at all -- more than compensates for the time I've spent switching out batteries and checking them... and sometimes re-recharging them because they've sat dormant long enough to lose charge while the dynohub bike gets ridden more often.

It doesn't make for good forum discussion, though, because it's literally set it and forget it -- I can come back in five years and say, "My lights still work and I haven't touched a battery." Boring.

Anyway... the new light looks pretty neat, doesn't it? There aren't many images out there, just some PR stuff from Eurobike.,...lection_id=528

Oh, cool -- they're coming out with their own "Power Supply Unit":
I definitely agree that the power supply unit is really, really, really cool.

I, personally, have more of a "wait and see" attitude about the tail light.
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