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Originally Posted by WR3K View Post
having said that, we were born without shoes, and our feet are far too often not strengthened enough to be able to run without the restriction of that shoe.

buy the vibrams for training, your form will become perfected, your muscles will get stronger, you will feel more free, and you will run like your body was designed to run.
We were also born without clothes, but Russians still wear several layers in the winter. We humans happen to have evolved with very little naturally, no claws, no fur coats, no fangs, but we do have really really really big brains so we can actually make knives, clothes, cook things, and make shoes that protect people from being injured.

I fail to see the muscles in our feet that help us run. generally the muscles that actually give us propulsion are in our legs, with tendons connecting to our feet. Yes there are muscles in our feet, but they are relatively weak compared to our calfs, quads, and hamstrings.

Even if the elites were not paid to wear running shoes, they would probably pay 200+ dollars every few years to keep themselves from getting injured, and able to compete.

Buy the vibrams for training, and you will get injured, or you are very lucky indeed. No your from will not magically improve for the better, and your workouts will not train you to do anything better.

Feeling free does not prevent you from injuring yourself. Do what science has proven and wear real shoes.
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