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Originally Posted by Mr. Markets View Post
The beauty of being lighter is you get to do some things I still cannot. I am 'walking' on a treadmill
now as if I had a cane, though my muscles are still howling at me. I will be walking with a cane by the
end of the week. I have also been doing a little 'spinning' on a spin cycle with almost no drag. They
are putting the bubble on the local pool, so I can get in there as well in a few days.

hey Gerald, I am curious about what you found most useful from all the stuff I originally put up here...
Before I forget, if there is an elliptical trainer somewhere you might like to try that. It is mostly non weight bearing especially if you hold the rails.

I found your blog very helpful. There is a lot of information on the internet. Most of it is either from the companies that manufacture the devices or from the doctors or hospitals giving instructions to patients (in pdf form). They never tell how much pain someone might be in. Or suggestions about the hospital or how to get in and out of bed. I also tend to get dizzy eventhough my BP is high enough to take corrective medicine. So I stopped taking the BP medicine about a week before. Also your descriptions what it was like at home and your walks helped a lot. There was a ton of information. This blog is a great source of info what to expect and when. Hopefully my and information from others only adds to the threads.

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