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Some problem with my main bike has prompted me to activate my back-up folder and to mount an IQ Cyo Sport, in waiting, onto that folder. This, on one hand, has allowed me to experience the operation of the lamp with a bottle dynamo, and, on the other, to compare IQ Cyo Sport with R. Cyo R has been my standard lamp up to now.

I have been astounded by the quality of operation of IQ Cyo with a bottle dynamo in the rain. Basically, the standlight mechanism and lamp's low power consumption allow the lamp to repair the ills of the bottle dynamo. The dynamo working with a standard halogen lamp slips, the lamp dims or even goes out, comes back again etc. None of that has been happening with IQ Cyo that shined nicely at unchanged intensity throughout the ride in the rain.

As to the beam of Cyo Sport, its shape is inferior to either Cyo R or Bisy. On a garage door the shape is just a horizontal bar, such as for poorer halogen lamps. On the ground, even with the low mounting on a folder, the lamp yields a significant dark area at intermediate distances in front of the rider. The dark area cannot be eliminated by adjusting the tilt of the lamp. The far away distances are improved compared to Cyo R, but this is practically irrelevant. Cyo R already illuminates the far-away distances rather well. A further improvement, increase in the range that one anyway barely sees, is of little significance. However, the introduction of a dark band in the region of immediate importance is plain bad.

If one rides in complete darkness, then one can see the details within the dark band. However, when there are other lights in the vicinity that distract and partly blind, then one needs to memorize the details from the illuminated far-away region and utilize that memory once the region enters the relative darkness. One situation when the dark band might be of reduced importance is of a rather fast ride when the eyesight needs to be anyway lifted up and one either assumes that the ground has no obstacles and/or one gives up the reacting to the obstacles.
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