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Originally Posted by Rahzel View Post
- TandemGeek, were you in attendance?
Sort of....

Based on your first photo y'all were parked next to us on Saturday AM, i.e., the black truck to the left of your punch buggy.

However, this ended up being a tough weekend for us. Debbie was under the weather and we would have probably passed on making the trip but we had volunteered to bring one of our friends down to the rally (Linda). Her husband had travelled down earlier in the week for business in their mini-van with the triplet and tandem and rather than having her fly down, she just tagged along with us. In fact, I'll take a wild guess and assume one of the teams you rode with on Sunday may very well have included Linda & Eric on their tandem, noting that on Saturday they rode their orange triplet with Eric's dad, Don.

Anyway, we had a flat early in the ride on Saturday which pretty much put us well off the back for a solo ride through lunch as there's just no way to fix a flat and catch back up to the folks whom we normally ride with on flat terrain... heck, we can barely hold their rear wheels as it is.

Debbie didn't feel all that well this morning so we opted to pass on the ride and headed back home just after y'all headed out of the parking lot so that we could get home early enough to take care of some other business here in the Atlanta area. Had we stayed for the ride and then lunch with the usual suspects I'm guessing we wouldn't have arrived home until after 8:00pm tonight.

We're hoping that next year will be a better year for us, i.e., a few less broken ankles and other health maladies that have put us well off our game.

It was great seeing you two out there and I wish I'd have known who y'all were as I would have certainly made a point of searching y'all out. Well, let me restate that: we definitely noticed you and Lana as I'm guessing the second youngest team at the rally was probably about twice your age. I just didn't know to make an introduction and apologize for not doing so. We've been doing about 4 rallies a year for 12 years so it's always a bit of a challenge just to say hello to everyone whom we've met over the years. We hope to see y'all at future events if you find one that's close enough to be worth the drive.

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