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Best price on a road bike??

Is there a website that will list the best price I can expect to get on a new road bike? I thought that they have one for cars, but don't recall ever seeing anything like that for bikes.

What prompted this is I'm looking for a bike for my wife. We looked at the Giant OCR3 and are going to look at the Trek 1000 next week. Well anyway there is a bike dealer in Wisconsin who is having a "Bike Expo" the second weekend of April, so I emailed them and asked "what kind a deal I could expect to get on the OCR3?". I've looked at the LBS in town, but they have it listed for $599(which is $1 less than Giant's MSRP). Anyway the guy from W&S said he could get me the bike for $499. I bought my road bike from this dealer and have had great service from them, so that 's not a problem. Of course I'm going to go into my LBS and give him the chance to match or come close to that price, but that got me thinking. If I can get almost 20% off with just an email there has got to be a lot of give in those prices.

Any ideas??
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