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Just because a bike is full price and comes from a bike shop does not mean that they've performed all of this magical mojo. Trust me.

The last bike I bought through a dealer had the 12t cog on the rear cassette off kilter from the rest. It wasn't flush. The person that put it on either at the factory or at the shop didn't line it up according to the key on the freewheel body. A good mechanic or assembler should have caught this! It was also supposed to be an HG-70 but what I received was an HG-50. It could be that the assemblers at the factory just used whatever was handy or the assembler at the shop swapped them out.

I can also assure you they don't rebuild every wheel that comes out of the box. They just assemble the bikes. It's about a 30 minute job in most cases.

And the 30 day tune-up is a joke. Cable stretch = barrel adjustments. Real simple.

A lot superstition floating around out there.
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