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It was a lot of fun seeing and riding with everyone. As for the birthday beverage, hope you enjoyed it.

In regards to your "present", I am kicking myself for being slow on the draw at the banquet. I should have attempted to get the entire hall to sing for you and handed your gift to you. 41 cents and plus beer would have been the most economical gift I may have ever bought someone...for those not knowing what I'm saying, Bob, one of the STR organizers, made a table center piece for each table at the Saturday night dinner. The center piece was a wooden tandem figure, routed from a fine dark wood with an embossed leather "STR 2009" plaque at the base. Bob had decided that the Captains at each table should stand, reach into their pocket, remove all coins and the person with the highest amount of coin total would win the center piece. In the case of a tie, the person with the birthday closest to the STR date was deemed the winner. Unfortunately for Mike, I had 41 cents in my pocket. The double irony is that it was Mikes birthday on this day, and the coins I had were the change from buying cooler ice for his beverage.

In regards to us bringing the off road tandem, it was worth it. We rode Santos for about 1 1/2 hours on Friday after the road ride. Santos is a great place for an off road tandem if anyone gets the chance. FWIW, I spent some time with the helmet cam tech support guy and he was able to explain a way to retrieve the corrupted file. As it turned out, we got about 45 minutes of video, taken from the stokers viewpoint, riding the MTB trails at Santos. Suffice to say that the camera does not show elevation good. The only appearance to level of difficulty is wind noise to indicate speed while descending, and how much the tandem is moving in the rocky sections. The climbs on John Brown Trail appeared that a kid on a big wheel could ride them easily, conversely, it was the first time we ever lifted the front wheel on the tandem while climbing.

Sorry for the long post, it was our first STR and like Marty and Lana we hope to do many more. The couple at our table that had the greatest combined age for a two person team had 155 years combined. I hope many of us are able to continue to that benchmark, truly impressive.

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