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Yeah a generator is a good way to go, even if it's a sidewall dynamo. I've had both AXA and B&M; both are good. But it helps if you get tires with a sidewall tread strip (although it's not necessary with the B&M 'cause it can be fitted with a wire brush-type wheel). My tires are 1.5 Marathons, so a dynamo is the perfect solution for on-demand lighting. I've toured through many countries this way; tens-of-thousands of kilometers on both diamond frame and recumbent, which both have the same setup. I've always had the DToplight Plus with condenser and B&M headlight.

Battery lighting is impractical because I tour mostly at night, and charging would be a problem sometimes. Having battery-powered front-and-back strobes for auxiliary is good though. They last forever. Plus I can switch-on the front steady beam for extra light when needed.
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