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I hope you don't mind if I jump on the Gran Sport band wagon. I spent the last few weeks resurrecting this 1975 Raleigh into my winter bike.

I looked for a while on CL and some local classifieds web sites, but I could not see anything that was appropriate for a winter bike. I actually purchased the bike from a local shop called The Recycled Bike. They purchase bikes from estate sales, garage sales, and the like from some more affluent neighborhoods in Salt Lake so they come across some pretty cool bikes ever once in a while. Not a bad starting point, but...

many of the components were seized or corroded beyond repair...sad for such a nice saddle.

As you can see the 531 steel was starting to pit and being that I was going to winter ride this bike in SLC, UT where we salt our roads, I had to take care of the current oxidation so I could protect the bike from further corrosion. Below are some links to additional before pictures:
Raleigh Bike Profile (2)
Raleigh Head Tube
Raleigh Renyolds 531 Sticker
Raleigh Renyolds 531 Fork
Raleigh Downtube Shifters
Raleigh Top Tube
Raleigh Front
Raleigh Seat Tube
Raleigh Front Derailleur
Raleigh Rear Brake
Raleigh Rear Derailleur
Raleigh Serial #

My usual hobby (and profession) is working on Japanese sports cars. I've had to switch to a more affordable hobby due to focusing my funds on helping my mother with her house payments after her surprise heart surgery and paying off my school loan. I am about 80% finished with acquiring parts for a killer, wide bodied Subaru GF wagon build...but that will have to wait.

I am not as good with bikes, but I am decent mechanically. I've been reading a few bike maintenance books, but as with many things...I think experience will be a better teacher so I am trying to do what I can along the way. I chose a unique powder coat color to match the color of one of the funner cars I am building/restoring. The color is called Championship White after Honda's F1 team colors, but some of my co-workers like to call it man-goo white.

For those that are not familiar with Japanese sports cars, this is a hand-built 1998 Acura Integra Type R with a JDM ITR front end conversion. Fully built engine, transmission, and a bunch of other go-fast goodies. I am going through this to restore it for a friend's family. Back to the somewhat finished product...

How does she look? The badge will go on as soon as I find the properly sized rivets.

Hopefully not bad for my first build...and second post on these forums.

I know these are not traditional British fenders, but these Planet Bike Hardcore 45mm fenders kick ass IMO. I went with a MTB 9-speed rear cassette so I could use this for the occasional canyon ride. I am not good enough to crank my road bike up those Utah hills. Below are some additional finished pictures:
Raleigh 2
Raleigh Bar Wrap

I will continue to refine the bike as funds and time allows.

Comments, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome,
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