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Originally Posted by alanbikehouston
Which bike did your wife enjoy riding the most? Which bike fits her the best? Which shop is willing to take the time to make sure the bike is exactly her size? Which shop will give you the best service before the sale, after the sale, and if you ever need warranty service?

Those are issues that are more important than saving $100 on a bike. Lots of "bargain" bikes hanging in garages because they turned out not to be the right bike.

Actually the shop that is willing to drop the price $100 is the shop with best service, before, during and after. It's the same shop I bought my bike from last year. The 2 LBS that are closest to my house didn't give me any service last year when I was looking for a bike. The first one didn't even want to do a fitting, and the 2nd couldn't find time to get back to me on my questions, then he told me 2 different prices with the second being even higher. So I drove 90 miles till I found the bike I wanted and someone who actually had time to help me out. I ended up getting a different bike than I went looking for and that was all the guy in the shop helping me out. So just because it's a small LBS doesn't mean you'll get good service. I have purchased tires, fenders, bags... from my LBS, but it wasn't the owner who was the one who helped. He does have some great employees though.
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