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Originally Posted by Speedwagon98 View Post
I'd guess it's in the same category as the "yield to pedestrians in crosswalk" signs. Once they are more prevalent, they get taken a bit more seriously. The signs are fairly common now, and people seem to obey them now as well. As of late, I see people hit the brakes for a crosswalk, just to sit there as the pedestrian is still 2 minutes away from even getting to the crosswalk. I suppose better safe than dead and all, but some more common sense could go into some people's driving styles.
Indeed. Where I used to live 4 way stops were the bane of my existence. It seemed as though drivers fell into one of two categories. They effectively rolled through the intersection, regardless of other cars/pedestrians/bikes that may have already been there (potentially several cars deep).

Or the other group: They are already at the 4-way stop (stopped) as I am rolling up to it. I hope to have them go, so that I may slow down, check traffic, and keep rolling. What to they do? Sit there, so I have to stop, then proceed to wave me through. Everyone would be on their way, and faster, if common sense was used.
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