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Originally Posted by Commando303 View Post
"If there weren't cars, we wouldn't need stop signs," says Andy Thornley of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition...Even if you do get the occasional ticket, $25 is a small price for the increased freedom you have as a cyclist.
Thornley's point is singularly unconvincing: if there weren't pedestrians, we wouldn't need pedestrian crossings either; if there weren't trolleys, we wouldn't need trolley lines...but there are, so we do. And his later arguments that "we didn't need stop signs in the old days because it was so quiet" and "cyclists don't need to stop, they just need to slow and look properly" are respectively irrelevant (well, now it's not quiet) and equally applicable to cars (any stop sign could really be a yield and still safe if it weren't for the morons that don't slow and look properly, so everyone has to stop - and since there's no monopoly on morons, this applies to cyclists too).

Also, if you get a moving violation as a cyclist, it can cost you more than the fine if you still need auto insurance by bumping up your premium (right?), which many of us here still do.
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