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Despite the anecdotal increase in bike-related ticketing in Washington recently, police rarely crack down on bikers who execute a rolling stop. (I tested one out in front of a cop car just the other day.)
This is interesting to me because I used to be the type of cyclist who had the entitled attitude that the world was my own personal criterium. Then I wisened up and realized the truth of the old adage about "old" or "bold" bicyclists. Now I'm really sensitive to people disregarding traffic laws, and I get seriously upset by bicyclists who sidewalk, nearly hit pedestrians, etc.

I used to flagrantly blow lights/signs/signals in front of cop cars knowing they'd never do anything to me. When I was dumb, I at least should have feared repremand enough that I wouldn't be that blatant. But it is a sign of how it is.

I was really happy when I saw a bike-cop yesterday politely inform bicyclists about their errored-ways, flagging them down after blowing a stop sign near campus. That being said, it made me cringe everytime the bike-cop dumped his bike off the curb each time to do it. The local tax fund must be going to lots of back wheels :/
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