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Originally Posted by BarracksSi View Post
Look, the point is, we've got people here who'll run red lights and stop signs, go the wrong way down one-way streets, use sidewalks, and all this other crap that drivers complain cyclists do, and then get all "eye for an eye" and whine that drivers break all the laws, too.

But if you stop and really watch drivers and cyclists, I'll guarantee that you'll see a lot more cyclists flagrantly breaking those laws than you will drivers.

*****ing and whining about what other people are doing, and then using those complaints as an excuse to stoop to their level, is friggin' preschool idiocy. I thought people were supposed to grow up.
I don't think that's what tcs was saying at all, nor do I get the impression that people here justify bending the rules by saying that drivers do it too. But feel free to keep jumping down people's throats about it; you're really persuasive when you're like this.

People operating vehicles break laws. You seem to believe cyclists do it more. I and others think it's very common regardless of vehicle. Really, what does it matter? How does it affect your ride?
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