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Originally Posted by A.Winthrop View Post
Actually, the Turbo model (at least the '84 model) was
spec'ed with a 27.2mm seatpost. my Comp TAs have their original seatposts and
both are marked 27.2. Odd.
My guess is that all the Ironman models had 27.0 seatposts.
Both my '86 Ironman bikes have their original seatposts and
both are marked 27.0, as is the original seatpost on my
'88 Ironman Expert (my '87 LeMans RS' seatpost is also 27.0).

But it would seem that if this were the case on my Comp TAs,
...then the smaller 27.0 seatpost would be correct. Odder still.
The one all-Italian Centurion model, the Cinelli Equipe
Centurion with Columbus SL tubing, has a 27.2 seatpost.
I've found the same "all over the map" situation to be true here.

I just sent txvintage a red/white frame, with a 27.0 seat post that fits (1986)
My '89 Ironman pair both use a 27.2, my Comp TA had a 27.0, as did my Prestige
and my Turbo (both of which I wanted to use polished 27.2's in, but couldn't.)

My Equipe is, indeed, a 27.2, a Gipiemme in this one, a Campy in the previous one.

I'm wondering if it isn't simply a case of some tubes working with some posts.
Works for me, as I'm not one to look at specs or instructions until my trial is an error.
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