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commuting in Limerick

Hello, again.

I think you are more likely to get ice and snow over there than over here. We get full advantage from the gulf stream. I've only seen it snow a few times and only once did it stay for a few days--that was more than five years ago. It can, though, get icy here. I read that some people back in the U.S. use studded tires to commute in the snow. I've never seen studded tires here, and besides even if you could control your bike on the ice, you can't control the car that is approaching from the rear.

As for panchos, I thought that those would be a good idea, but at the end of the day Gore-tex is best. It breaths and keeps you dry. I found that non-breathable material gets me just as wet as not wearing any protection: it's either sweat or rain--either way, I'm wet. Gore-tex comes in different weights, so you can get thermal covering or just light-weight clothing to protect against rain.

It's great if you can work from home. When it is icy, that is a good option.

Stay safe.
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