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Originally Posted by Kojak View Post
Sounds to me like the "culprit" may still be embedded in your tire. If you cannot find anything still stuck in your tire, you may want to take a look and see how worn your tire is. I know when I get two flats in a relatively short period of time, it's generally been my tire telling me that it's worn out.

Has anyone ever posted a review on the "slime tubes"? I'd be curious how well they work.

Another option is to go for a tire that resists flats. We make some, as do all the major tire companies. I like to think that ours is best, but many here will make arguments that the one they like is not ours. Our most puncture resistant tire will never be mistaken for a racing tire, but you're not likely to get a flat, which for commuting is sometimes more important than speed.
I think they work very well. I had my first flat since last October (which prompted me to get Slimed). Last Friday I ran a quick errand and noticed my tire pressure was very low, but I was close enough to home to ride on 50% pressure. When I pumped it up, I heard the leak and felt a pretty good sized leak, but as the pressure decreased, the Slime was able to seal it. Good for a short ride home or bike shop, in case you're not equipped (like I wasn't)
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