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The Magicshine is the current price/performance leader per the electronics forums and has been EXTENSIVELY reviewed (11 pages and counting of reviews...) I'd get that as your #1 option, hands down.

Close seconds in terms of functionality/price (but not nearly as bright) are P7 flashlights from Dealxtreme (use an 18650 battery), or the Fenix L2D or Terralux (cheapest solution) flashlights which run on 2xAA batteries and puts out 200 lumens which is more than enough for typical night riding.

Note that these "off-beat" choices of lights are not because we're so cool or knowledgable. If you wanted a similar powered bike-specific solution from a bike manufacturer like Blackburn, NiteRider, etc., you will pay over $100 for the same output of a $28 Terralux LED flashlight. Currently, there is NO light made by a major bike manufacturer than can even approach the lumen/dollar output of the Magicshine or LED flashlights. For <$50, all you will get from major bike manufacturers is a "be-seen" light, which is far too wimpy to use as a "to-see" light.

I run 2 Terraluxes for 400 lumens of light - one on the bars, one on the helmet, and this cost me < $65 total. If you went to your LBS for the same lumens from a bike manufacturer, you're talking $300+.
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