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Originally Posted by A~Bomb View Post
I've been looking at those, very nice. I definitely don't want something cheap. With stuff like this, you always get what you pay for. I don't mind spending a little more if it means getting something made better. I've also been looking for a waterproof backpack, since I really don't want my $100+ textbooks getting soggy.
Most cycling jackets nowadays appear to not have a hood, but you can buy a detachable hood seperately - like the Shower's Pass one.

A waterproof bike backpack is, surprisingly, much harder to find. The only one I know of that might even be big enough to carry books in is the Ergon BC3:

But it might look kind of silly when you're wearing it, and reviews say that it ends up getting some water inside in a complete downpour.

Most of the time the "backpack for biking to school" threads end up recommending getting a regular backpack, then a big basket on the back of the bike and putting the backpack in the basket. For waterproofness...a big plastic bag?
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