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Originally Posted by Griffin2020 View Post
And I am here to offer the dissenting opinion.
I attempted to place an order with Geomangear over a week ago.
It failed twice (Paypal once, and his site...SQL issues). I got an email from him that night asking if I would share the reason why I did not complete the order. I was impressed at that time.
I responded that night, and noticed that the charge was pending on my card, so I asked if the order had actually gone through.
No response. The charge has completed, the Geomangear site still shows the item in my cart (as in I did not complete the order), and there is nothing pending shipment.
I have sent him another email and a couple of Twitter messages. I directly asked for a response with a time limit. I have not gotten a response.
His legendary customer service appears to me to be exactly that...a legend.
I am going to my bank tonight to file against the charges, since I cannot get a response from him.
The sad thing is that I wanted the light, but since he cannot be bothered to send a response saying, "Yes, the order will be processed," or "No, the charge was a mistake, and there is no shipment coming," I am forced to take action.
i wouldn't feel right if i didn't chime in, that when i rodered my light i went through the same problem at checkout. i thought none of hte orders had gone through, turns out 4 did when i checked the next day. which was saturday, so i figured i'd get in touch monday. however, there was no need, as they fixed it on their own and left one order! good. then i noticed i put the wrong shipping address, because apparently i'm a moron. sent a message, and got a prompt and pleasan reply acknowledging the change and giving me a timeframe. right on time i got an email that the light was shipping, and it came fast. so my experience was really good...i know as a lifelong service sector worker that there's always a horror story, but i was really pleased.

oh yeah, and i got the magicshine, and let me say that the thing is ridiculously bright and i can't wait to get it on the road at night! the flashing mode is vertigo-inducing. and it even arrived charged!
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