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It sounds like you had a pretty cheap light on your bike. I don't know how price sensative you are.

If you need a descent cost effective descent light set, I can recomend the Plant Bike 1 Watt Blaze and SuperFash. Together they cost around $70. The Blaze is not be best all around head light, but it is very descent for the money. If you use this light you will certainly be able to see the road in a descent way. If the Blaze is used as a front flasher it is abolutely stunning! I am getting months of daily use out of a set of AA batteries in Flashing mode (about an hour a day of use). For the SuperFlash rear light I also can get a few months of use out of the AAA lights. I've switched over to rechargable batteries and in the winter I simply charge them once per month.

I have used the Blaze as my primary light on my road bike. As I stated above the 1 Watt Blaze is a good start, and very affordable. For serious commuting you will have to spend more money to get lighting that is better than PO. For excellent night time visability I added a generator hubfront wheel (Shimano 70 series) and a B&M CYO R light. I use the Blaze in the front as a superb front flasher.

There are loads of options on battery powered lights as some folks have already mentioned some. I've heard nothing but great things about the Dinotte lights, but you will definitely be spending well over $100.

Happy riding,
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