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I have two commute bikes set up with fenders.

One bike has the planet bike fenders (not sure which model). They work, they didn't cost too much, they could provide a bit more coverage, but they work, and they didn't cost too much.

The other bike has a set of fluted Honjo fenders on it from Velo Orange. They cost much more than the planet bike fenders. They were much harder to mount on the bike, they make more noise than the PB fenders, but they are soooo pretty, and they have excellent coverage. Did I mention that they were really pretty?

A toyota Camry gets better gas mileage, costs less and is more reliable than a ferrari enzo so why does anybody ever buy the ferrari?

(If my argument has you wondering why you bought that red car in your garage, PM me and we can arrange a trade for a very economical vehicle)

The PB fenders will work well - a heck of a lot better than no fenders, but they are not the only option. I have used SKS in the past, and they are pretty good too.
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