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Ultrasports are the devil. I get about 2 flats a year with all the other tires I use, which includes Panaracer Tourgard Paselas, Conti Contacts, Conti Gatorskins, Conti 4 seasons, Michelin Krylions, and even Michelin P3Rs. I had two sets of Ultrasports. The first pair was decent. I got a flat every 2-3 weeks and they lasted may 1500 miles. The second pair was a disaster. I got about a flat a day until I installed tube liners. The second pair was so permeable that by after 500 miles, hundreds of bits of sand, gravel, and glass had worked their way completely through the tire and were stopped by the Mr. Tuffy liner. Finally, at 500 miles, the sidewall catastrophically ripped open. Its the only time in my life I had to call the wife for a ride home. Apparently quality control is nonexistent. **** ultrasports.

Also, the make the frequent flats worse, they were almost impossible to get on and off. I ruined several tire levers on these damn things.

Don't believe me?...read here


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