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I take Enniskerry road all the way to Blackthorn. I work near the end of the Luas line--so far, that is the best route I have found. There are more direct routes, but I don't like sharing narrow roads with buses so I go the long way around. Also, I'm never sure what I'm supposed to do with a roundabout on a bike.

BTW, there are some unfamiliar road situations here that--never having lived in a place with bike lanes before--I have never encountered. I was kind of kicking around the idea of taking a driver's ed course for the dual purpose of getting my Irish drivers license (we don't have a car but we do sometimes rent) and learning what drivers expect of cyclists.

What do you local guys think of that? Would a driving school help my cycling? I can't figure out how--for example--I'm supposed to make a right hand turn when I'm trapped in a solid-stripe bike lane! :s
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