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Gerald was kind enough to remind me to chime in here, as I have been occupied with my mother who became rather ill a week and a half ago. Anyway...

It will be eight(?) weeks (i think) as of Tuesday. So far so good I guess. the whole mom thing threw me
off my exercise a bit, so I think I am paying the price somewhat.

At present, I am mostly off the cane, though I keep it handy if I am gonna sit anywhere for any period
of time. Like I mentioned the first time around, and Gerald has mentioned, you get a lot of stiffness
in the crease area int he front of your leg when you first get up. Those first few steps can be a bit
gingerly at that point.

The not-s0-good thing about doing two hips back to back with 5 months in between is that you never
really heal up the first leg before you trash the second. So while I can 'do the basics' like walking
(still with a limp of course -- in fact I sorta waddle a bit at present), there is not a snowballs chance
in hell I could do a squat for the life of me. There are other movements that, 10 weeks past, I cannot
do on the later leg, but that is to be expected. I plan on hitting the gym this coming week now that
things have stabilized out for my mom and starting to do machine squats again.

In general at this point my energy level is pretty much all back, and I can easily walk a mile with
no cane or crutches, and probably more though my usual walk is about a mile.

I have NOT been on my bike at all. The two good days we had here weatherwise where I might
have gone for a ride I was just tied up with my mom's stuff, and lately it has been raining (it seems
like) all the time. I am a wuss, I don't like to ride in the rain!

I now do a full half hour ellipse with no issues and I no longer have to support any of the weight
on the most recent hip. The first hip, now at 7+ months, only suffers from the lack of squat
ability and probably some flexibility as well, but I was never all that highly flexible to begin with...

Maybe the BEST thing is, the first hip 'evened me out' where I used to be taller on my right side. It
feels like the 2nd hip made me a little uneven again, so I no longer feel like one hip is taller than
the other. Never addressed this with the doc as frankly, if I am a little taller on the right now (2nd
hip) I am closer to how I walked for some 34 years of my life, and I think my back was used to that
as well.

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