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Korina 10-31-18 12:50 PM

Thought I'd drop this here...
Found it by accident, thought it would be appreciated on BF.

bobwysiwyg 10-31-18 07:05 PM

Very cool! Thanks for posting it. :thumb:

Korina 11-02-18 09:32 AM

@bobwysiwyg, glad you like it. It's pretty cool. There's also a making-of vid as well, if you're interested.

madpogue 11-05-18 12:30 PM

Yuh, I stumbled on this a couple days ago. Needs some tweaks, good suggestions in the comments, but a brilliant start. They've since taken it on a mountain trail and shaken out some other to-do items.

Take-away phrase was (paraphrasing from memory) "Until now, my mobility was limited to the pavement." Look on her face as she tried a curb, rolled over a grassy parkway, etc., is priceless.

BobbyG 11-14-18 11:31 AM

Yes! What a coincidence. On my ride to work this morning I listened to a podcast about the obstacles wheel-chair users face when flying (and possible solutions.

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