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justme632000 12-04-19 11:51 PM

Old age 79y/o on oxygen
I have added a side car attachment to my 26in bike as well as an 80cc petrol motor with pull start.This had to happen as I do not have a car anymore and one has to go to the shops and live out of town. My problem is that with the pull start the pedal is to high approx. 40mm or if I could somehow extend the left hand side lower axle 40mm longer so as the pedal shaft would pass the pull starter all would be fantastic. Well all I can do is ask for any help available please.

CliffordK 12-05-19 12:27 AM


I'm having troubles envisioning your bike, or how you're starting it. Why don't you upload some photos, or a diagram to your album page:

CliffordK 12-05-19 12:32 AM

I realize that your bike likely works well for you, and at this point, is relatively cheap. However, I'd encourage you to look at electric bikes and trikes. Starting should not be an issue.

Most electric bikes have an adjustable "pedal assist" mode. It forces you to still get some exercise while riding which can be good for all.

Schwinneffect 12-08-19 07:14 AM

I wonder if a longer pull starter cord routed through eyelets on the frame might work? You would need to be careful that the cord is routed so that it cannot tangle on the pedals, etc. Some petrol engines have a pull cord or electric start option. If salvage parts for the electric start could be found for your engine that might work, although it would be heavy. Is there a bike coop, or even a local bike shop near where you live? Some people might be able to help you get set up with an e-bike, trike, or perhaps a ride share arrangement. You seem like a very independent and capable person, but there are times when you just need a friend to lend a hand.

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