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Curtis Odom 07-01-21 03:26 PM

Breathing Disorders
Does anybody else ride with breathing disorders? I have bilateral vocal cord paralysis. A speech disability and a breathing disability. Above a certain effort which sets in very quickly I almost pass out.

shelbyfv 07-01-21 05:54 PM

I'd suggest a recumbent trike so you can't fall off.

surveyor6 07-01-21 07:13 PM

My breathing disorder is that one of my lungs collapsed a couple of times in my twenties. They fixed it with a thoracotomy pleurodesis. The damaged lung processes air very slowly.

alo 07-01-21 07:31 PM

Think about an electric bike, so you don't need to over exert yourself.

zandoval 07-02-21 01:25 PM

I am new victim of pulmonary problems so I am learning as I go along. As a health care provider I have advised but now with my own problems it's more pointed. There are a few things you should do. One is to get an O2 Saturation monitoring device. That is a device that is going to measure your oxygen saturation in your blood. This will allow you to gauge how long you have before you are recovered.

For example if I climb a small hill my respirations are fast as well as my heart rate. A pulse oximeter will tell me how fast my heart is going and what my SaO2 is. I can stop and rest and wait for my heart rate to slow down and my SaO2 to increase. These things are all relative for each individual so I cannot tell you what numbers to look for. But, with an SaO2 device you can experiment and determine just how far you can normally go and how long to take for your recovery.

If you are getting to the point of passing out or loosing consciousness then really you should not be on the road at all... Sorry...

Edit: Getting back to your OP. If your breathing difficulty is a mechanical one, that is, collapse of the airway or paralysis of breathing ability, then you must determine exactly what is the precipitating factor. You need to do that by experimentation and observation. Certainly you should never ride alone.

10 Wheels 07-02-21 01:50 PM

Get One:

Zacurate 500G OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, SpO2 Blood Oxygen

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