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Tom Stormcrowe 09-17-11 05:22 AM

Adaptive Equipment and Shops
As time goes on, we'll be building up a list of manufacturers and shops that cater to the adaptive needs of the cyclist.


The Handcycle Store This is an online vendor
Intrepid Cycles, San Diego, Ca. They make hand cycles and other adaptive equipment.

Information Clearinghouses for lists of manufacturers

ahsposo 09-17-11 05:57 PM

Nice addition to the Forums, Mr. Stormcrowe. This is much needed.

Neil_B 09-17-11 08:44 PM

This isn't a shop, but the website has links:

runner pat 09-17-11 08:46 PM

I got my handcycle from Sportaid.

Nightshade 10-04-11 10:35 AM

Worksman cycles has a special shop dedicated to the special needs community.

ManualMobility 06-10-12 05:07 PM

Lots of Trike and Handcycle Links
[QUOTE=Tom Stormcrowe;13238768]As time goes on, we'll be building up a list of manufacturers and shops that cater to the adaptive needs of the cyclist.

More Handcycle and Adaptive Trike links than you can imagine at and

Wylecoyotesuper 07-03-12 12:58 PM

just found this..
Hand Cycle Giveaway

Dec1st 07-04-12 07:29 PM

I love the gear these guys make:

kleonin 07-17-12 02:00 PM

You may also want to add for handcyclists who need a power assist up those hills.

Mark B., the owner is a handcyclist himself and is a great guy to deal with.

cruiserkb 07-30-12 07:19 PM

I just found this product:

It is a rear view camera system. It will prove invaluable to me since I have limited vision. I am going to encorporate this in my newest handcycle build. Looks helpfull to anyone.

STOCKGUY 12-01-12 09:34 AM

I friend of mine, Russ Denny Bicycles, is located in Hemet, CA. He is a frame builder and has built several bikes for those with various limitations. He has one customer who is a racer. He can build or customize almost anything.

Juan Foote 12-05-12 05:14 PM

Epic Bikes in McDonough, GA have worked with me extensively on fitting as well as parts selection in order to help me adapt to proper riding position and technique.

Edit- Sad to say that Epic Bikes is no longer in business.

Sixty Fiver 07-01-13 01:21 AM

We can also customize or build nearly anything and have built many adaptive bicycles, especially tandems.

Besides being a mechanic and frame builder I have a professional background in rehabilitation and plan to really focus on adaptive cycling here since no other shops do it and I have a personal interest in this.

gfeist 08-23-13 09:25 AM

I purchased Swing Crank from for my wife who has had 2 1/2 total knee replacements on her right leg, and has limited bend. It is amazing to see her ride a bike after over 25 years not being able to ride.

riadahmed3624 04-12-14 07:16 AM


badmother 07-23-16 01:22 PM

found this site with lots of links: Murray's Trike Links

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