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Weakling 07-21-12 07:21 AM

RoChair and RoTrike, looks good to me but they are too expensive?
Surfing the Youtube looking for ways to sit and be mobile without electric motor
I found these guys.

It looks cool. I wish I had a RoChair okay a Rotrike works even better on terrain
that are not smooth. But the streets where I live are rather good and maintained
but at winter when snow and ice and gravel mud them up then a RoTrike would be
the better way to move around.

Hope it is okay to link to the company.

I find these gadgets to be cute but way too expensive.

I want things to be as small as possible and still be stable and effective
but that is not easy to come up with. You need to be a good designer and engineer.

otis66 07-24-12 10:06 PM

How much is too expensive. I want one of these. The trike is awesome.

Weakling 07-25-12 07:35 AM

You want me to look it up? Okay I google for it.

RoChair and RoTrike are currently out of stock.

That could indicate that more people than they guess wanted to buy one.

From Gizmag I get this price suggestion. That could change now when they
have sold out all in stock. Hopefully they go down in price.


ROTA Mobility also makes the three-wheeled RoTrike, for users who prefer the idea of a human-powered scooter over that of a wheelchair. Both devices are priced at US$4,980 each.
No wonder I thought the price too high?
US$4,980 each that is in Swedish money.

= 34 713.9929 Swedish kronor

You can buy a used car or a decent Mobility Scooter for that money.

What I like about the RoChair and RoTrike is that they are HPV.
Human Powered Vehicles. To always rely on electric power
and to not being able to exercise your muscles is not a good way.

Sure for those that really need the motor solution that is okay.
But as long as one can move hands and arms and back then
rowing seems to be a good way to move oneself and stay fit.

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