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nelson249 09-21-12 06:15 PM

Helmet help
Hello all, I'm hoping for a little assistance.

A friend of my parents really enjoys riding her tricycle but has encountered a problem with using a helmet. She suffers from such severe arthritis in her hands that she literally cannot release the clasp on a conventional bicycle helmet. Does anyone know of a helmet manufacturer and model that has the option of say, a velcro strap (or any other similar mechanism), that could be easily be opened and closed for those with little or no hand strength?

CbadRider 09-22-12 09:02 PM

I searched the internet and could not find any standard bike helmets with a velcro chin strap. This rehab site makes velcro adapters for standard helmets; maybe your friend could use one of those.

nelson249 09-23-12 04:22 PM

Thanks Chad. I will forward this along

E.W.G.M.B 10-28-12 10:20 AM

Maybe just cut off the ends and have someone sew some velcro on.

ralph12 05-05-13 05:09 PM

I doubt a helmet fastened with Velcro would stay on in a crash. It almost seems to reduce the helmet to a token gesture; not a real piece of protective equipment.

This is just my perception; maybe I'm wrong, I dunno.

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