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Mikenet 09-25-12 05:19 AM

(back problems) I need a seat that is shock absorbent, and very comfortable.
This is my first post here so bare with me.

About me...

I have some back problems, it's not as bad as it could be I suppose, but enough to make me take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers when it really hurts. I rode a bike recently for the first time in years, I haven't been on one since I broke my collar bone on my last bike after racing down a hill at probably 30 mph, then crashing.

My back problems may be bad posture though, so I'm hopping back on ;)

I really need a seat for 50 dollars or less that is very shock absorbent and comfortable for 15 mile trips. If the seat is tiltable, it would probably help a great deal. This will be my main method of transportation so I'll be on it a lot.

I really don't know about brand names or anything but id really a type of seat that many regulars here would recommend if there is one you guys like to brag on. :D

If seat compatibility with bikes is an issue, the bike I'm getting in a month is an Ebike called the Trailz.......

I'm really looking forward to having my own transportation without taking the bus so Im trying to look for the most important accessories in advance, so I'm read to go when I get it. :D

Thanks in Advance for any help


jolly_ross 09-25-12 07:12 AM

$50 budget makes it a bit hard - maybe ebay or the like will help. I'd suggest either a Thudbuster seatpost (they work really well IMHO) or perhaps more likely: if you can find an otherwise wrecked vintage bike with a sprung saddle that still works. Google "Brooks Flyer" for the kind of saddle I'm suggesting. Good luck.

cruiserkb 09-25-12 06:08 PM

I would sugest a saddle similar to this one:

I have one similar to this on my old road bike. There is no hard shell, just the lether streached over the outer frame. The tension can be adjusted and the cut out is nice on the body. You could eventualy pair this with the seat post above and it should be nice an comphoratable. hope this helps.

benajah 10-04-12 09:43 AM

Brooks saddles are nice, but way above your mentioned budget. As a bit of advice, you don't want a soft cushy saddle. They cause skin problems. You want a hard saddle, with a seatpost that has a shock absorber. All saddles are adjustable as to tilt and fore/aft.

delcrossv 10-04-12 12:17 PM

If your back really hurts you when you ride, you may want to look at recumbents.

100bikes 03-27-13 08:27 AM

There are a couple adjustments you can do on your new ebicycle.

First, the saddle (the seatpost actually) not only moves up and down,
the saddle itself moves back and forth and it tilts as well.

Second, the rise in the handlebars allows for a range of adjustment
fore and aft ( likely up to 6" ) The brake levers, throttle and shifter
can be rotated to get them into a comfortable position once the bar position is established.

It may take your going of a "fitting" ride to get it close. That is, go
for a ride with the tools to make all the adjustments to the handle
bar and saddle position with you. Ride for a bit and make any
adjustments. Ride and adjust until you get your perfect fit.

Also, as your fit/posture/strength improve, you will likely change these positions as well.

Moving your hands closer to your hips will allow for a more upright
(desirable?) riding position. Positioning, including proper leg extension
can go a long way in reducing lower back issues.

It is difficult to say before you know what the saddle issue are, what a good choice for a saddle would be or to recommend a new saddle.
The one that comes with the bike may be perfect ( after you fit it).

Happy riding.

Leebo 06-04-13 12:15 PM

They also make suspension seatposts.

Rapido 02-22-14 07:03 PM

I know this post is too late, however Gyes makes leather saddles with springs front and rear.

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