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squirtdad 09-25-12 05:25 PM

Input on seat material

My son and I have fun of rehabbing the bike below. It was donated to a local charity ( with the stipulation that once fixed up it goes to another local organization the helps kids and families. Not a bad deal.

The bike is in pretty good shape, mostly cleanup, cosmetics and some minor mechanical work (grease, adjust, lube, fix the attendand steering).

The seat has some torn vinyl on the back I am thinking about a simple seat cover to go over that. Any thoughts or input on appropriate materials? I am thinking durable, comfortable and easy clean or wash.


cruiserkb 09-26-12 09:05 AM

It looks like that is a running bike. I would be leary of using a seat cover. Having a back in it you tend to have your rear slide forward while in motion. The cover may just act like a slider on the seat. I can't tell if it has a lap belt but that will help. For safety reasons I would try and find a inexpensive replacement seat. Just my oppinion. That sounds like a great thing that you are doing, Keep it up.

CbadRider 09-27-12 08:31 PM

If the tear is not too bad, there are a lot of vinyl repair kits on the market.

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