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globalrider 10-15-12 07:35 AM

front wheel drive trike for my special needs 13 year old
I'm looking to create a new trike for my son. He is invited to do a rails to trails ride with the boy scout next spring and I want to get a jump on setting him up for it. He has used a Worksman adult sized trike for street and park riding but I dont think it will handle the rails to trail deal. Has anyone else created anything like this?

My Goals:
1) To make a front wheel drive trike that uses a mountain bike or an OCC Stingray rear end for the driving/steering.
2) Keep it under 50 pounds net weight
3) Be off road compatible
4) Be able to fold the rear end to make it more compact for storage/transport

mconlonx 10-15-12 12:11 PM

Cruzbike does something like this. They sell a kit to mod regular bikes to front drive, maybe this would work with a trike of some kind?

globalrider 12-06-12 11:46 AM

That might work Thanks. I'll post on my blog when I get something together.

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