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teterider 01-14-13 10:35 AM

Dual bike trailer/stroller for handicapped?
I have a friend with twin 12 yo boys with MD who are now totally wheelchair bound. She is looking for a twin bike trailer that converts to stoller in order to get them out more for fresh air, and obviously they have way outgrown their Burley trailer. It needs to be for adult size basically. I've found singles but a double is tough. Can anyone direct me to a company that might make something like this.


CbadRider 01-25-13 09:46 PM

I searched and could only find single trailers for adults that have the stroller option:

BenVoiles 02-02-13 08:24 AM

I have a Wiki special needs trailer. It is actually for one adult but could probably be converted to carry two kids. It does not convert to a stroller. I'm trying to figure out a way to do it my self. It is basically a very large child carrier. I'm surprised you haven't recieved more responses since this forum tends to have a lot of very creative people.

fietsbob 03-18-13 03:01 PM

I Think a variation of the Christiania Cargo Trike may be a format to develop.
the front is a Box , or the chairs you need , with 2 wheels on the sides..

Behind the Box is the steering Bearing, straight up not angled like a Bike.
the handle bars are attached to the back of the Box, pulling on one side or the other
to bend the steering around.
then the motive power on the saddle turning the one drive wheel.

adding an electric Hub Motor might help get things going.. one in the back wheel
or one in each of the front ones..

Perhaps Worksman NY maker of Industrial Bikes , + some modifications by Custom work Shop..

[Since the actual Christiania is a part of Copenhagen Denmark]

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