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bikenh 03-18-13 09:51 AM

Saddle/butt padding
What do you guys use?

I broke my ankle back on February 13th. I was a good boy and stayed off the bike until March 10th. Yeah, I shouldn't be back on the bike yet but I am. I figured if am amputee can ride a bike one legged then so can I. So I have been ever long as the bike doesn't want to break down on me while I'm on it(a jockey wheel crapped out on me last Wednesday while I was out). I have been riding the bike just like an amputee.

Back at the beginning of the winter I made a homemade rear rack. This rack is pretty much as wide as the handlebars. It makes for a nice way to mount the the crutches to the bike and it still leaves room so I can lift up the left leg and place it on the rear rack and ride just like an amputee. I wander how many people have passed by me and seen me riding that way have wandered how I lost my leg.

The problem I have had practically from the get go is using the saddle I've had on bike ever since I got the bike a year ago. Riding the bike two legged I don't have any trouble with the saddle but once I go to one legged riding my butt digs right into the saddle and make it quite unpleasant for riding. Last year I had 7 days where I rode at least 200 miles. I couldn't even hope to do 50 miles right now with the saddle one legged.

What do you guys use for a saddle/extra padding or whatever to make it comfortable on the rear end?

I do plan on keeping on keeping on once I get the other leg healed up. I figure the quick easy way to recover any lost strength/flexibility will be to start riding one legged with the bum leg for a while. I actually like the idea of riding one legged with the bum leg mounted up on the rack. I just hate how it makes my butt feel.

fietsbob 03-18-13 02:51 PM

You will develop the glutes again , but the weight bearing is not in your muscles, but the hipbone.

digging into the saddle is a result of using a soft saddle, you actually need a firm one ..
drop by the LBS, they have a lot of choices , Take offs are reduced price, new , but a bike buyer
didnt like the stock saddle , so took it off , those resell for less than if it had the display header card and all that.

you may have the PT stationary bike saddle wrong, but now go seek another option..

bikenh 03-20-13 09:38 AM

That's the funny thing...I'm not PTing it. I'm on the open road riding. I've only ridden indoors once in the past 15+ years, and that strangely enough was last Thursday evening. I wouldn't have did that except for the fact that I was stopping by to see if the LBS owner had finished the work on my bike yet and had brought it back with him. I got suckered into actually getting on one those darn spin bikes and spinning my brains out.

Juan Foote 03-20-13 12:28 PM

Trying to do things before you are physically ready to do so will cause you more issue down the road than waiting until you are healed. You might be noticing one effect from that now?!?
What happens if you fall over onto that broken ankle? Break down......
Do yourself a favor and park your bike until a doctor clears you. Go to the gym or something.

bikenh 03-21-13 09:37 AM

Already had one of the jockey wheels crap out on me last Wednesday. I was over half way to the library when it happened. I ended up calling a friend of mine and he came and got me and let me use his vehicle for a couple of days. I replaced the jockey wheel at home but still took the bike to the LBS to get end up getting the front brake arm replaced(siezed up) and to get the derailleur hanger replaced(badly bent, probably ever since before Christmas).

I don't own a car, TV or have internet access at my house so getting out does help me to avoid doing one thing...going crazy. It also helps to avoid another problem, being awake all night long thanks to sitting/laying down all day long and doing nothing as a result to help tire myself out so I can sleep normally at night. Heck I had 4 hours of sleep last night,the most I've had in over a month.

I haven't been to a gym in...oh...25 years. I get outside to get my exercise to keep me in shape.

I'm not too terribly worried about falling off the bike unless someone hits me and if they do that then I have a lot more to think about than something simple like a broken ankle.

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