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Chris516 05-15-13 08:06 PM

National Ride of Silence-Disabilities
If anyone here(that lives in the U.S.), does the yearly 'Ride of Silence', good luck. I did it tonight, and the ride leader along with the police detail complained about where I was riding.:notamused:

I have a:

1. Congenital brain aneurysm
2. Congenital Hydrocephalus
3. Epilepsy

The aneurysm caused the Hydrocephalus, and the brain surgeries I had as an infant for those two, caused Epilepsy.

Because of that, I have a balance problem.

I have a 24-Speed Specialized Allez, with thin racing tires. When I go slow, I risk falling over. It has happened before, when I fell over in rush hour traffic.

Part of the route went along the southbound portion of six-lane road, and the majority of that portion of the route, had the outside lane stripped.(I have ridden on a stripped road before, and it scared me half to death). Well, The police detail for the ride, kept telling me to get on the stripped lane, or on the sidewalk. The ride organizer, and the police didn't care about any riders with a physical disability. I am going to e-mail BOTH, the police chief, and the national organizer about what happened, and give them an ear full!!!:mad:

esther-L 05-27-13 04:14 PM

If the striped lane was a bike lane, you are out of luck in Maryland. Maryland has a mandatory bike lane use law. See

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