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cruiserkb 05-27-13 10:08 AM

Looking for a verticaly mountable hydraulic brake lever
I am in the process of having a custom hancycle built. I am looking for a brake lever that I can mount verticaly to the frame. I have grip strength issues and this will alow me to basicly lean forward and aply the brakes. I am running hydro disks at all 3 wheels. Any advise would be great. Thanks.

Leebo 06-04-13 12:10 PM

Mount it on a bar end?

Bezalel 06-09-13 10:38 PM

Why don't you just rotate the lever so you can push it with your palm instead of squeezing it. (This only works if you're using a design that doesn't have the brake levers mounted on the cranks.)

trescojones 08-12-13 05:10 PM

in adapting some magura hydraulic cantilever rim brakes for use with drop bars, i have drilled a cable end in them,use linked cables with a binding bolt,
and use ergopower levers on the drops-to pull the magura levers on the tops- to actuate the brakes.
I did this because these brakes work superbly, but the drop versions are now very rare, thaey stopped making them 2001 but if a set can be found apparently the lever can be put onto several magura brake types.
Dont know whether this helps at all but there are often ways of adapting gear.

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