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xleninx 06-15-13 07:18 PM

A broken hip
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First let me say that I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this and apologize if I am mistaken.

A little over a week ago I fell off of my cross bike onto a very large rock and broke my hip pretty badly. They screwed my leg back together, I'm struggling through a very painful recovery. Of course I ask every doctor and PT that I meet how long before I can ride again, and most seem to agree 4-6 months. I'm 30 years old and in the best cycling shape of my life, but I am still 6'4" and 220 (now 230?) pounds. I normally rode 150ish miles a week. Does anyone have any insight into what I'm in for? Is there a different type of bike I can use before the full 4-6 months are up? Will cycling never be the same for me? Will I need to relearn how to ride? Any and all info would mean a real lot to me. Thank you so much in advance!

10 Wheels 06-16-13 06:06 AM

What bike were you riding?

Juan Foote 06-16-13 06:46 AM

I understand your apprehension and about all I can say is relax a bit, let go, and heal. It's hard to do. Letting go of all that was important to you and that you worked so hard to achieve is almost unthinkable to many. For now the best thing you can do is to allow your body the time it needs to heal properly and as best it can so as not to cause you further complications down the road.

As far as your cardio is concerned, see if the doctor will sign off on swimming or perhaps something like a handcycle.

Zedoo 06-16-13 11:03 AM

Your injury sounds worse than the one I had. A stationary bike was part of my therapy, so I considered myself ready for riding my bike. I tilted the bike lower so I could lift my leg over it. I was too bored to care about the possibility that another crash could keep me off the bike for longer, or forever. That did not happen, but I was never a fast rider, and I stayed on flat terrain away from cars.

For protecting your hip, a recumbent trike may be your safest option, depending on seat height and relative pedal height.

xleninx 06-17-13 04:43 AM

Thanks for the replies everyone. I was riding a Ridley XBox (cross bike). The rehab I'm in hasn't any water facilities which seems strange to me. The truth is I think that my insurance company dumped me in a facility inappropriate for my rehab. It is a nursing home where I get no more than an hour of PT a day (with no more than an hour of OT in the mix as well).

Juan Foote 06-17-13 06:02 AM

Where I am no doctor, hip breaks can be particularly dangerous to you even during the healing process. The most likely reason that comes to mind for the care facility? Think of how many older folks break their hips. They likely have lots of experience with the type of injury you have and taking care of someone with it.

qcpmsame 06-19-13 06:52 PM

I'll second what Punkncat said in his reply above. Be careful with the healing, therapy and recovery. If you aren't satisfied with the rehab facility you should start on the insurance company for a better care provider. With all the members that have had hip replacements I'd think that with careful recovery and proper therapy you could ride well again, hopefully. Best of luck on your recovery and the healing.


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