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Gingi 07-15-13 03:42 PM

Handcycle Hubs Needed
We have a teammate that rides a Topend Force and we're looking at tinkering with his ride.a bit. He wants to start by building some new wheels and has decided he wants a set of American Classic bolt-ons. Unfortunately, these seem to have been discontinued. Does anyone have a line on where to get some or maybe has a pair they would be willing to part with? Thanks in advance.

Other performance hubs are likely acceptable. Our rider is approximately 160lbs.

fietsbob 07-18-13 02:33 PM

You asking about single sided front hubs for a Hand Powered Tadpole trike?

Gingi 07-18-13 04:14 PM

Looking for rear hubs for a Topend Force handcycle.

Jeff Wills 07-20-13 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by Gingi (Post 15865155)
Looking for rear hubs for a Topend Force handcycle.

How are they different from ordinary wheelchair hubs?

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