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quadripper 07-31-13 11:22 AM

fracturing carbon fiber Feet
I have a BK prosthetic with an otto bock Lo Rider carbon fiber foot.
It's starting to fracture after ~4 months (1300 mi) on the road bike. I've broken feet before, but usually it takes a year or two.
Does anyone else have trouble with their feet breaking? how often do you have to get them replaced? what kind of foot do you use? other than mileage, any reason the bike would accelerate this process? anything to do to minimize this?

Juan Foote 07-31-13 08:42 PM

If you are breaking a foot in that amount of time you need to be sending them back for warranty. There is no reason for a carbon foot to break more than every 3-5 years IF that, under lots of use. I would suspect that if you are breaking feet that quickly you may want to confer with your prosthesist about a heavier category foot. Cycling does nothing more to stress it than walking or any other activity, it is just seeing stress cycles for which it is designed to take into the millions.

The only foot I have delaminated was a Highlander, and it was honestly right AT my weight category and used harshly which still lasted almost three years. The best carbon foot I have had so far was a Renegade. Stiff but tough. I am on a Rush Ability right now. I haven't used it long enough to know how rugged it will be, but after getting used to not being on carbon it is by far the most natural acting foot I have used thus far.

esther-L 08-10-13 09:13 PM

It seems like you must have a Symes amputation level, with that foot model?

I am not a Symes, I am a plain below knee amputee. I have never delaminated a carbon fiber foot. The last foot that I broke was a SACH foot around 1980 (prosthetist did not choose the right model for me).

I agree with punkncat, cycling does not put more stress on a foot than walking. It sounds like you are breaking feet inside the warranty period - your prosthetist needs to handle warranty exchange.

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